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Meet Your Coach

Coach Reinaldo Larotta kicking the ball
Hi, I'm Reinaldo Larotta, your mentor in cultivating young soccer talent. As a former professional player and dedicated youth coach in Chicago, I'm here to guide your child's soccer journey to greatness. Let's collaborate to unlock their full potential, navigate through the competitive landscape, and celebrate their strides towards soccer excellence.

"At Larotta's Soccer Coaching, we ignite a child's athletic journey with expertise and heart. Our founder, Reinaldo, a Caracas-born former pro, brings international experience to Chicago's youth soccer scene. Here, we don't just coach; we mold young athletes into disciplined, humble, honest and confident players. Discover our unique approach to soccer education, where every connection starts a legacy"


Unleash Your Child's
Athletic Journey

Elevate your game with our range of soccer services, expertly designed for players at all levels. Experience personalized coaching that focuses on technical skills, strategic understanding, and overall player development.

Soccer Services

Larotta coaching soccer team
Larotta coaching soccer team

Our 1-1 program is dedicated to "Enhancing Skills, Fostering Work Ethic, and Building Confidence" in young athletes.

1 on 1 Sessions

Lets Team Up

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