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"I offer more than just training;
I provide a transformative experience that equips young athletes with the skills, discipline, and sportsmanship necessary to excel in life"

My commitment to sports extends beyond the soccer field. At the prestigious University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, I serve as the JV Head Soccer Coach and as the Track & Field Assistant coach at the high school level. Here, I impart lessons that transcend "service to others, resilence and persuit of excellence.


My drive and discipline are also evident in my personal athletic accomplishments, notably as a sub 3:00 marathoner. This achievement speaks to my belief in setting high goals, both for myself and for those I coach.

In every position, I bring a wealth of experience, a strategic mindset, and a heart that beats for the love of the game. Join me in fostering the next generation of athletes who will not just play the game, but live it.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Caracas, Venezuela, I am Reinaldo Larotta, a person whose life has been fueled by an unwavering passion for athletics and a deep love for soccer. My journey has been marked by the spirited rhythms of the game, from the lush fields of my home country to the bustling energy of Chicago.


As a former professional soccer player, I've lived the game with intensity and purpose, a pursuit that has shaped not just how I play, but how I coach and mentor the rising talent of today. I bring the essence of global soccer culture to my role as the U13 Boys Pool Director at Chicago KICS FC, where I am dedicated to nurturing the potential of young athletes with the same fervor that ignited my own soccer career.


  • USSF C National Coaching License

  • UST&F Level 1 Coaching License

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy - BPharm, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Certified USSF Referee

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